The Right Honourable

The Baroness Leckwith

Some attributes
First Birth place and date: Aberowen, 1893
Second Death: London, 1968
Third Parents: David Williams and Cara Williams
Other attributes
Fourth Siblings: William "Billy" Williams
Fifth Romances Lord Edward "Fitz", Earl Fitzherbert (affair, 1 child)

Bernard Leckwith (married, 1 child)

Sixth Child: Lloyd Williams (with Lord Edward "Fitz", Earl Fitzherbert);

Mildred Leckwith (with Bernard Leckwith)

Ethel William-Leckwith, Baroness Leckwith (Aberowen, 1893 - London, 1968) is a fictional character and one of the protagonists of the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett.

She is the oldest child of David and Cara Williams of Aberowen, a fictional town in southern Wales.  Ethel is Billy's sister.

At the beginning of the trilogy, she is a housemaid at Ty Gwyn, the country estate at Aberowen. She is made acting housekeeper for a visit by King George.

She has an affair with Earl Fitzherbert, the earl of Aberowen, who sends her away to London when she becomes pregnant. There, she becomes a political activist in the women's suffrage movement during World War I. She marries Bernie Leckwith, with whom she has a daughter, Millie, and is elected a Member of Parliament.

In the second book, Winter of the World, Ethel continues as a Member of Parliament during the Second World War.

In the third book, Ethel is MP for Aldgate and becomes a life baroness. She later dies, in 1968.


Ethel has brown curly hair and dark eyes. She is described as pretty.



Father : David Williams

Mother : Cara Williams

Sisters : Three sister died (unknown)

Brothers : Wesley ( died ) and William (Billy)

Grand parents : Gramper and Maria Ferronne ( died ?)

First lover : Edward Earl Fitzherbert