Dewar FamilyEdit

The Dewar family is a respected family in Buffalo, America.

Family Members Edit

The Dewar family consists of the following members-

Cameron DewarEdit

Cameron Dewar is a former US senator from Buffalo. Not much is known about him and he only makes one appearance in the book- Fall of Giants. He is a well respected man and his family is respected.

Ursula DewarEdit

Ursula Dewar is the wife of Cameron Dewar and the mother of his son, Gus Dewar. She has a dominating presence in the Buffalo social life. She can be proud and snobby at times but wishes the best for her son.

Gus DewarEdit

Gus Dewar is the son of Cameron Dewar  and his wife Ursula. He is a very bright man but intially is shy and awkward. He is very interested in forming a organisation which consists of the countries of the world. He falls deeply in love with Olga Peshkov, the daughter of Josef Vyalov but their wedding is cancelled due to Olga being pregnant with Lev Peshkov's daughter. He later marries Rosa, whom he falls in love with.

Rosa DewarEdit

Rosa Dewar is the wife of Gus Dewar and the mother of his sons- Woody and Chuck. She has a sharp wit- one that rivals Gus's. She worked as a reporter before her marriage to Gus Dewar.

Woodrow 'Woody' DewarEdit

Woodrow Dewar is the son of Gus and Rosa. He has a big passion for photography.Initially he wished to pursue politics like his father. But later he realizes that politics is not meant for him and becomes a professional photgrapher. He was engaged to Joanne but after her death he married Bella.

Bella Dewar Edit

Belle Dewar is the wife of Woody and the mother of his children Cameron and Ursula.

Charles 'Chuck' DewarEdit

Charles Dewar is the son of Rosa and Gus Dewar and the younger brother of Woodrow. He is homosexual and the partner of Eddy. He worked for the Navy before his death while fighting in World War 2.

Cameron 'Cam' Dewar Edit

Cameron 'Cam' Dewar is the son of Woody and Bella Dewar. He is considered the black sheep of the family as he chooses to be a Republican while the rest of the family supports the Democratic party. He works in the CIA. Towards the end of the third book, he marries Lidka, Polish woman.

Lidka Dewar Edit

Lidka is the Polish wife of Cameron. It is unknown whether she married him for his welath or she genuinely had romantic feelings for him. She is shown to be narrow minded.

Ursula 'Beep' Dewar Edit

Ursula is the daughter of Woody and Bella. She is shown to be a hippie and believes in the concept of 'free love'. But after falling pregnant with Dave's child, she matures. She marries Dave and settles down with him.